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Work in Process Wikia for Magician's Cookbook mod pack.

List of ModsEdit

- Ars Magica (Mithion): adds some machines, spells, mobs and some worldgen too!

- Thaumcraft 3 (Azanor): adds a research system which allows you to get advanced tools/machinery, but don't overload your landscape with flux! Bad things will happen!

- Magecraft (Greenwolf13 --> Markarthian): Adds an alchemy system, is going to add a lot more soon Including spells and minions 

- NEI (Chickenbones): In-game recipe book/cheating tool. Set it to whichever mode you like. 

- Battle Towers (Atomicstryker): Adds Battle Towers, with lots of loot and lots of danger! 

- Damageindicators (rich1051414): Adds beautiful damage indicators and health bars too! 

- Runic Dust (billythegoat101): Allows you to create magical runes with dust. 

- Enderstorage (Chickenbones): Adds better enderchests and ender pouches for portable inventory. 

- Mystcraft (XCompWiz): Allows you to create your own dimensions. 

- Xeno's Reliquary (x3n0ph0b3): Adds some tools, author describes it as: 'Magical swag' (with a gun!) 

- Twilight Forest (Benimatic): Adds a cool new dimension with new mobs and dungeons. 

- LegendGear (NMcCoy): Adds zelda-themed items and a bunch of other cool stuff. 

- Minions Mod (AtomicStryker): Adds minions! 

- More Bows (iDiamondhunter): Adds awesome new bows (including double arrow bow!) 

- Custom LAN (CptHunter): Makes LAN better (more commands, player limit, etc.) 

- Dragon Mounts (BarracudaATA): Hatch your own EnderDragon! 

- Particle Decoration (SanAndreasP): Cool for decorations.... Or traps... 

- Rei's minimap (ReiFNSK): Minimap basically. 

- Dimensional Doors (stevenrs11): Make your own private dimensions/rooms! 

- Elemental Tinkerer (Vazkii): Adds more magicky stuffz! :D 

- Computercraft (dan200): Because computers... Are the ultimate forms of magic... 

- Soul Shards (shadowdragon): Create your own mob spawners! 

Latest activityEdit

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